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Experience, Integrity, Commitment:

To me, these are more than words. They are a call to action and a philosophy for making decisions.

Prior to being elected to this public position, I was on the Board of Directors of the Stouffville Public Library for seven years. Three of those years were spent as the Board Chairman during the process of building of the current modern library facility.

During those same years and prior to being elected to Council in 2014, I attended over 200 council meetings. This was a commitment to learning the process and gaining an understanding of the issues. In the eight years since being elected, I continue to gain experience by being involved in every council meeting.

As the current Deputy Mayor, I chair all Public Planning meetings, gaining first-hand insight into constructive and important development matters. My extensive experience also includes volunteering as Chair of the Town’s Accessibility Advisory Board for the past four years, thereby assisting current and future residents with specific challenges as they navigate through the community.

It has been an honour and a pleasure to serve as Councillor in Ward 2. During my two terms, I have strived to be a strong advocate for my constituents in all areas of Ward 2, and for all residents of Stouffville.

Vote for me on October 24 so that together we can continue to work on Ward 2 initiatives, as well as tackling new challenges facing our growing town.

Visit Stouffville Votes for important information about voting dates, locations and how to register.
At the intersection of Aurora Rd and Ninth Line discussing the new traffic light that will be installed.

Aurora Rd and Ninth Line

At the intersection of Aurora Rd and Ninth Line discussing the new traffic light that will be installed.

Lets Get to Work

  • Adding traffic calming initiatives
  • Persisting in advocating for sidewalks on Hwy 48 and Aurora Rd
  • Continuing the expansion of high speed internet to rural areas
  • Completing the expansion of the library to Ballantrae
  • Continuing to improve the presence and facilities of EMS in rural areas
  • Providing sound fiscal management
  • Reducing the Town’s debt load
  • Ensuring and championing responsible residential growth and development
  • Securing Town budget resources for road repair and construction
  • Providing leadership in striving for a strong working Town Council
Render of Library Expansion to Ballantrae
Render of Library Expansion to Ballantrae