Council says OK to new Strategic Plan

Strategic plans are used by municipalities to set their long-term vision and goals all while creating a plan to achieve them.  A strategic plan would identify the necessary steps to meet this new vision and guide the work of each of the Town’s departments over the coming Council term.

It was recommended by staff that the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville create a new strategic plan at the beginning of each Council term, allowing Council to identify its goals for the term and set priorities for the work.  This Plan would help guide the allocation of resources to the priorities that are most important for the organization.

Council on Tuesday December 11, approved the creation of a new Strategic Plan, and appointed Councillors Upton and Ferdinands to sit on a committee to select a vendor.  They also approved a series of public consultations, including public meetings, online surveys and virtual Town Hall Meetings, in order to engage with the public during the creation process.

The new strategic plan will be the blueprint for success for the next few years.  It will address economic and demographic changes and build a strong foundation to guiding decision-making and budget allocation.

Read the complete report here.