Big projects coming down the pipe

Council on Tuesday December 11, received a report regarding the Town’s large upcoming projects that will be undertaken in the coming months. The list of projects is not intended to be comprehensive but to only highlight the larger or more controversial projects.

A number of projects have been referred to the new Council from the old. As the outgoing Council has no power to bind the new Council, Council can decide to drop projects from the list.

Projects referred by the outgoing Council will be brought forward typically in January, February or March in order to confirm Council continues to be interested in the project and to receive guidance on what factors staff should consider in their work.

The projects include:

  • Cannabis legislation and retail establishments
  • Official Plan Update
  • Residential and Commercial Parking
  • Train Whistle Cessation
  • Advisory and Steering Committee Structure, including
    • Functioning of the Heritage Advisory
    • Committee & Designation Process
  • Community Grant Review and Approval Process
  • Council Expense Policy
  • Ward Boundary Review
  • Main Street Master Plan & Reconstruction
  • 2019 Capital and Operating Budget
  • Long Term Financial Plan
  • Memorial Park Master Plan
  • Fire Station 52 in Ballantrae
  • Strategic Plan
  • Branding Strategy

Read the complete report here.

Additional Decisions Reached

Council also approved an interim tax levy for 2019 at last Tuesday’s meeting.  The tax levy will be 50% of the 2018 tax rate and the first due date is February 15, 2019.

Council also approved awards of tender for winter parking lot maintenance, automatic vehicle locating systems, and tree removal and maintenance.

Read the all of the reports here.

Additional Firefighters Approved

At the December 11 meeting, Council approved the addition of two new firefighters.

To do so, Council also approved $197,000 to be included in the 2019 budget submission to pay for the new staff.  The two new firefighters will be stationed in Ballantrae and be employed as part of the night-shift.

Read the complete report here.