A Problem at a Lake Building Site

Dear Maurice
Re: 14619 Ninth Line (Musselman’s Lake)
During construction of this house, the adjacent public sidewalk to this property has been inaccessible due to siltation etc.
Now, the retaining wall they are building is on town property up against an existing fire hydrant.
Should they continue building the wall as is, could we get assurance that the wall is engineered safely so that it will not compromise safety in the future.
Will there be an engineering certificate issued to ensure safety.
Thank you for your email.
This has been a problem for me since  first started. I have had the Chief Building official out there on more than one occasion. However, to answer your questions.
The retaining wall in question is not on town property. It is on Regional property. However, I spoke today with the Town’s Chief Building Official and he has promised to speak with the builder later today as to his intention with correcting this front yard layout. If as an example he was to terrace the area he will not need a permit. However to the extent any one section of the stone work is greater than one meter in height he does need a permit. 

Also this week I will have someone from town in touch will Region personnel for an inspection with regard to the positioning and stone work around the hydrant.