Highway 48 Development Update

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Ballymore Development (Ballantrae) Corp.
Highway 48 Development Update

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Once a developer files their intention for a planned subdivision they accept a number of further obligations beyond just holding a public meeting. They must inform and ask for feedback and comment on the project from a number of authorities such as, provincial ministries, utility suppliers and the region. One of the critical authorities in this particular project is the Ministry of Transport of Ontario (MTO).

Ballymore has recently received feedback from the MTO after which they issued the following statement:

Ballymore is now in receipt of comments from MTO that need to be addressed, and in doing so may result in some substantive changes to the development planned for the above mentioned property.

It makes sense that we await a revised plan from Ballymore which will take into account these MTO technical comments. Therefore the future public meeting I was planning has been postponed indefinitely. I suggest it will be well into the fall of 2016 before we hear back from them re this project.

I will apprise when I am again approached on this matter.

Maurice Smith
Councillor Ward 2
Town of Whitchurch – Stouffville
905-640-1910 Ex 2102